Winter Lip Scrub 

It’s winter time and what I dislike the most about winter is getting dry lips. Those cheap $2-$5 Chapsticks do not work for me at all. They are just a waste of money. The thing I use for my lips year round and it’s something I have in my house everyday and all year long. 

Sugar and Honey, that’s all you need. You mix those two ingredients together and put it on your lips leave it there for about one minute then wash it off with warm water and after your lips will feel smooth and soft. It works amazing.

I hope you all are able to try it and if you do please tell me if it worked for you! 



Figure Skating Makeup


Makeup & Figure Skating when I hear those words together I imagine glitter and lots of glitter. 

I have been skating for 4 years and I have competed in 5 National Competitions. Every competition I ever did I made sure my makeup standed out. The reason is because you want to be noticed when your on the ice. Being different and extraordinary is amazing as a Figure Skater. When I go to an ice show I love to see skaters with extraordinary makeup done that’s goes with their figure skating dress. Judges also judge your appearance not just your skills and moves. 

Glitter is your best friend so use it well and glamorous. Stand out from the rest. I am going to list for you some amazing makeup products I have used in the past for my competitions.

•Foundation: Kat Von D or Stila

•Bronzer: Urban Decay 

•Contour & Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills

•Lips: Nyx or Kat Von D or HudaBeauty 

•Lashes: HudaBeauty 

•Glitter: Many companies have glitter but some companies glitter work well with other and it might be different for another person. Try a few different glitters from different companies and see what is best on your eye. 

•Eyebrows: Urban Decay
I really hope that this helped you all. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. 

⛸ BeautyOnIce