Winter Lip Scrub 

It’s winter time and what I dislike the most about winter is getting dry lips. Those cheap $2-$5 Chapsticks do not work for me at all. They are just a waste of money. The thing I use for my lips year round and it’s something I have in my house everyday and all year long. 

Sugar and Honey, that’s all you need. You mix those two ingredients together and put it on your lips leave it there for about one minute then wash it off with warm water and after your lips will feel smooth and soft. It works amazing.

I hope you all are able to try it and if you do please tell me if it worked for you! 



Figure Skating & Postpartum Depression 

Postpartum Depression is nothing to joke about it is a very serious matter for some like myself. After delivering my second child I got very bad PPD. I felt so alone and depressed and just unhappy all time. Everyone kept telling me how normal it was but I didn’t think it would last this long. We’re now in 2017 and I’m still feeling the same way. I needed to find a way to cope with this because nothing worked at all. 

My husband told me “Sammar do the things you love and you will feel better.” The only thing I could think of what I love to do is Figure Skating and Shopping. I used to be a competitive figure skater in high school and I loved it. I loved being on the ice and I love how when I was on the ice all my problems went away. 
I love my family and my kids they are my world but I think the reason I have PPD is because I do the same routine with my kids and family every day. It’s good to have some “me time” and do the things that I love to do. 

I believe as mothers we should all take a break and start doing the things we love. We need time to ourselves and we also deserve to be happy and overcome this disease of PPD. 

If you are suffering or know someone who is suffering from PPD ask for help or help them because PPD is no joke. 
Much Love,